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Garage Door Opener Repair in Aurora, CO and Denver Area

Many people use their garage door as the main entrance in and out of their homes, in part due to the convenience of the remote. If the opener breaks, that entrance becomes a whole lot less convenient. There are so many reasons a opener will stop working that troubleshooting, beyond simply checking the batteries, usually requires a professional. Just because the opener isn’t opening the door, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the opener itself is broken. The door could be off track, there could be something wrong with the main drive gear, one of the components could be broken, or the safety sensors could be malfunctioning. Repeated effort to open and close the garage, if there is a serious problem, could create further damage. An experienced garage door professional is equipped to test the remote independent of the rest of the system to determine the source of the problem. At Elite Garage Doors, we have the tools and expertise, to check, replace, and repair garage door openers and malfunctioning garage doors without risk to you or your home. We are even available 24/7 for same day repairs.

We Service and Install All Types of Openers Including:

  •   Remote
  •   Keypad
  •   Bluetooth

Examples of Garage Door Opener Issues We Can Repair

  •   The motor is running but the door itself isn’t moving
  •   The door won’t close fully without popping back up
  •   The door is completely unresponsive
  •   The door will only close if the button is held down

Elite Garage Doors is a local family garage door repair company based in Aurora, CO and serving Denver and the surrounding area. We can install, repair, and tune up any make or model of garage door. We back our service with a two year warranty on all parts and labor. Our office hours are 7am to 10pm, but we’re available 24/7 for emergency and same day service. Call us today at 720-408-5050 to schedule an appointment! Call us today at (720) 408-5050 to schedule an appointment!

Gabe was out in an hour of calling with a broken garage door that we were unable to open and get the cars out. Very professional and courteous. All repairs were explained. I would highly recommend.

Angela Reynolds

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